Building Self-esteem, Promoting Teamwork and Celebrating Diversity

Access to Skills and Training (Empowering People and Communities)

Transforming Social Action to Social Enterprise

Empowering Women, Overcoming Barriers to Self-Fulfillment

Empowering people and supporting communities to become sustainable

We achieve our mission by providing personalised solutions to the needs and circumstances of people who experience multiple deprivations, this is done through a range of early intervention supports, including employability skills training, health and fitness, social inclusion and active citizenship, to prevent the escalation of disadvantage.

What We Do

CEDE Foundation - What we do

Making positive changes to people at the margins of society through delivery in , employment & skills, health & wellbeing, social inclusion, active citizenship, recycling & regeneration, arts & heritage.

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Get Involved

CEDE Foundation - Get Involved

Campaign, volunteer, fundraise, donate - there are many ways to get involved in breaking down barriers that cut people from mainstream society, including loneliness, unemployment, and mental health.

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Singing Festival

CEDE Foundation - Singing Festival

Using music and dance to build self-esteem and confidence, promote cohesion, celebrate diversity, and facilitate self-expression, while improving emotional skills, social skills and stress management abilities.

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Whether or not your company has worked with a charity before, we’ll make it easy for you to get involved. Get in touch if you are interested in becoming a corporate partner, or would like to find out more, contact a member of our team on 0300 302 1639

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